20 Apr

Hello, world! As promised, here is the first video showcasing the Maj. Ape’s Exultant Synth Screamer. In this video, the MAPE is set to oscillator mode, (MAPE has six switches and two CV inputs onboard). It is also being controlled by the SQ-1 with both CV inputs engaged.
The focus of MAPE is primarily on the synth side of things, allowing for external sources such as CV sequencers, external LFOs, or modular systems to be connected and play melodies. It can also be used as a regular TS, although I may take it a bit further and tweak the clipping and make it LED or asymmetrical LED + diodes. 
MAPE is also capable of producing fuzz sounds, with the character similar to the Bit Commander, Data Corrupter, Shumann PLL. 
And yes - this time each switch has been given a function that can be described in musical, non technical terms.
It’s essential to note that MAPE is a strictly circuit bending creature, and it’s not a Screamer shell with some drone PCB inside. It’s a current off the shelf 808 pushed beyond its limits and controllable via CVs (remember the vactrols I was sharing earlier?).