The Smallsound/Bigsound Mini is a versatile overdrive/distortion pedal known for its wide range of tones and user-friendly controls. Designed for both bass and guitar, the Mini can produce anything from a gentle boost to aggressive, saturated fuzz. Its dynamic response to playing technique and the instrument's volume control makes it a favorite among many musicians, allowing them to shape the sound in real-time as they play. Key features often highlighted by users include its bias control, which can introduce a sputtering, gated quality at low settings, and its simplicity in design yet richness in sound. With a compact footprint, the Smallsound/Bigsound Mini has become a staple on many pedalboards due to its ability to deliver a plethora of tonal options without consuming much space. The package is complete with the original box. Cosmetically, it is in excellent shape without any noticeable imperfections. Functions perfectly. Sold by Analog Music Company and delivered worldwide (exceptions apply).

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