So High So Low high pass/low pass filter and preamp based on Korg MS-20 filter and Moogerfooger preamp.
There are demos on YouTube, on our web site and Instagram.
The filters are arranged in series.
Yes, the high pass and low pass filters are arranged in series, so you can use them as a bandpass.
Yes, you can connect CV to both: high pass and low pass filters.
You can connect your expression pedal to either high pass or low pass input and control the cutoff with it (similar to a wah pedal for example).
Absolutely! SHSL loves bass an it is a terrific combo.
Not to run the So High So Low pedal on anything higher than 9V. Otherwise you'll fry the pedal.
Only 9V center negative (Boss type) power supply is supported. There is a voltage conversion inside the pedal and it will fry if you connect a higher voltage. The minimum current must be 200mA (though 300mA is recommended for proper operation)
SHSL needs current of minimum of 200mA, though we recommend 300mA minimum for stable operation.
Yes, both filters can oscillate when the resonance is past the oscillation (OSC) point.
Yes, So High So Low is a true bypass.
No, we have taken care that SHSL runs on a standard 9V Boss type power supply. We are boosting the voltage internally for the proper operation of the filters and preamp.
SHSL Mk.II is a mono pedal.
The preamp is located before the filters. 
SHSL has expression controls for each filter cutoff and two CV inputs: one for high pass, one for low pass.
Yes, we are shipping worldwide.
Moreover, SHSL will be available with the UK and USA dealers.