05 Dec

Geeky stuff: this is a pcb I designed for the Evil Pumpkin today. Looks like a robot 🤖 face and was pretty fun to work on.

Being a development of the Boss original idea this pcb will allow us to significantly optimize the design and the assembly process. It is also a step towards using the newer DS-1 enclosures.

I have also assembled the first unit from the new drop which (if all goes as planned) will be this month. It will have minimum one variation of the Ghazala circuit which I absolutely love (we’ll reveal it later this week).

The release date will be in 15-20 December range. And in the meantime please join the mail list on our web site - the units will be available exclusively to the mail list subscribers for first 24hrs. What remains will go live on our web site and after a week - on reverb.com