16 Dec

We are reintroducing the Darth Pumpkin. This will be a limited Evil Pumpkin Ghazala built around the 40th Anniversary Boss DS-1 and featuring a LM358 chip.

LM358 opamp is a relative of a LM308 found in ProCo Rat and changes the sound of the Evil Pumpkin quite a bit. There is significantly more gain with fine spongy structure reminiscent of the famous black box distortion.

Why this pedal is a limited edition? The reason is that it is built around the limited edition Boss DS-1 which is quite rare compared to the orange brothers, and significantly more expensive (2-2,5 times more expensive as of time of this post). 

That means we have to spend more time, energy and resources to get the black enclosures and also are unable to guarantee the more or less stable sourcing (sourcing is quite difficult even without the rare pedals, as we are operating from Kyiv). So the production of the Darth will remain in very low numbers the pedal will not be available on a regular basis.