18 Dec

That was fast, thank you! Please follow the updates regarding the shipping dates and join the mailing list for the restock information.

I would lie if I told you I did not expect them to sell, but I believe this was the record fast sale from the beginning of the project. I am also very happy that you dig the Green and (especially) Darth variations. Your feedback on these two is overwhelming!

There is a rather negative aspect to today's event that we have to mention separately. As you noticed due to heavy load our web site has encountered a glitch and ran into the negative inventory. In other words the automatic stock monitoring system sold more units than we had.

We had to refund a lot of orders, which is quite unfortunate. You did not like it, I did not like it either. So here is the solution: we'll build the exact same quantity of the refunded pedals in the colours as in the cancelled orders. Then the buyers will receive an email from us with the offer to complete the purchase of the Evil Pumpkin within the next 48 hours. In case these units are not purchased we will list them in our store and/or Reverb and make them available to everyone who wants to get one.
I think this is fair and it is the way I would want to be treated if I was in a similar situation.'

But despite this hiccup the day turned out great leaving me very happy and inspired. Thank you for continuous support!

best regards,