07 Dec

I took an advantage of a beautiful snowy weather outside and finally made an outdoor photo shoot for the Evil Pumpkin.
So drumroll and let me introduce you the new variation of the The Evil Pumpkin - Ghazala JRC. The pedal is not only a new color scheme (orange/green as requested by quite a few folks) but rocks a different opamp - a JRC4558. The same opamp you will find in Ibanez Tube Screamer so we will reserve the green plates only for the JRC model as a nod to the green classic.

Changing the opamp did make an audible difference. We have a bit more gain while the grain has become smoother with more pronounced mids. Switch 8 (especially a 8A combo) takes it even further to the Tube Screamer territory, while still retaining the DS-1 DNA which I absolutely love. Rest schematic is the same as in Ghazala Blackface & Ghazala Whiteface.

Not a radical overhaul (which is not planned in the foreseeable future) but rather a new cool flavor of the Ghazala with one more variation soon to be revealed.
The Ghazala JRC will be a regular offering with the first units to be included in the coming release which is on the 20 December (19 December for the mail list subscribers).