Let MAPE take you on a Magical Mystery Tour of sonic experimentation!" Maj. Ape's Exultant Synth Screamer is a circuit bending creation that transforms an Ibanez Tube Screamer into a drone synth / fuzz / overdrive.  

With CV controls and a modular synthesizer-inspired approach, MAPE offers a truly unique sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of what the classic green pedal can do.


Creative Circuit Bending

MAPE is a product of multiple circuit bending techniques, which allow it to produce an eclectic range of sonic textures that would not be possible with a stock Ibanez Tube Screamer, adding a fresh perspective to the classic and allowing for a unique and unconventional use of the Tube Screamer.


Two CV Inputs for Dynamic Drone Synthesis

MAPE truly shines as a drone synth when connected to external sources such as a CV sequencer, external LFO, or modular system, utilizing its powerful CV controls and modular synthesizer-inspired approach to create unique and immersive sonic experiences.


Six circuit bent switches to push the limits

MAPE features six circuit bent switches that produce a variety of synth, fuzz, and overdrive sounds, allowing musicians to explore unique sonic possibilities. These modifications result in 729 possible combinations of switch positions, inspiring to push the limits of sound endeavours.


Each switch engaging a unique parameter

Switch 1: -1 octave synth or a guitar synth (with a drone in the background). Switch 2: Velcro/spitty fuzz or gated guitar synth that tracks with the input. Switch 3: High-pitched Drone 1 or Drone 2. Switch 4: Wild fuzz (similar to Fuzz Factory without gate) or low-pitched Drone 3. Switch 5: Drone 4 or Drone 5. Switch 6: Gated Synth Fuzz or Drone 6.


Unconventional Approach to Sound Generation and Modular Integration.

MAPE's focus on sound generation and integration with modular systems sets it apart from traditional guitar pedals, offering a fresh approach and taking an unconventional direction.

The MAPE is available for purchase directly from the AMC store with worldwide shipping.