16 Sep

ARC Klone is my favorite among the plethora of Klon-type pedals (including the KTR). I bought this unit off Reverb about a year ago—listed as mint, naturally—and it arrived with the kind of user damage that's typical for various producers (I had quite a few similarly damaged units, and it is not ARC specific).
I decided to fix it and keep it for myself.

A year later, I took a small break from building to finally get it repaired.

When you Google ARC Klone, a common characteristic you'll find is: 'Built nicely, but unfortunately the diodes are Schottky, not Germanium.' (Some did have Germanium, worth mentioning.) Luckily, I have a bag of various Germanium diodes, so I tried the NOS Soviet D18s. I picked a perfectly matched pair and installed them. 

The improvement is significant; the pedal now breathes with more dynamics, as if someone took the blanket off it. I have another ARC unit that will also get upgraded diodes. Just need to decide which ones—perhaps the OG D9Es, or maybe some fancy NOS mil-spec silicon ones. I’ve yet to decide. This project has also sparked my interest in creating an AMC take on this circuit. I'm not particularly interested in producing it regularly, but why not make 2-3 units with our own layout and a selection of cool parts?

By the way, after much debate, I've decided to reload the store. We won't aim for our previous stock levels of 200 pedals, but will instead focus on a curated selection of cool stuff—essentially what we were doing, but in a more moderate manner. I have another ARC Klone in a limited Purple color with top jacks; this will be the first listing. These pedals will be available both on Reverb.com and our website. Reverb listings will be 5% more expensive due to commissions, but we'll give customers the choice of where to purchase from. Our own production will remain website-exclusive.