01 Jul
Any Color You Like

I have heard an opinion from individuals whom I highly respect that having multiple color options for our products may not necessarily be ideal and could create confusion for customers. I agreed to some extent, considering that producing various colors requires tracking multiple options for enclosures, plates, knobs, and even LEDs, making it more challenging (even to sort and store) than sticking to a standard look.

As a solution, I contemplated adopting 1-2 standard color schemes and offering custom combinations as unique, one-off endeavors.<br>However, as I received feedback from people worldwide, I discovered that some fell in love with the orange SHSL, others expressed their little daughters' affection for the pink and purple combination, and there were those who appreciated the pure look of the all-white color scheme. This diverse range of preferences is truly amazing and has strengthened my belief that our product has the potential to become even more individualized, catering to each person's unique taste.

In light of this, I believe we should continue experimenting with colors and styles, ensuring that every customer who purchases our pedal feels a bit more special.

That said, I am back to soldering, so expect more tracking numbers today. Have a great weekend!