06 Jul
Nerdy Stuff & Blue Caps Do Sound Better

Nerdy stuff: We have an updated PCB for the button, featuring a cute evil pumpkin logo. These PCBs will be gradually introduced in upcoming builds.

I have discovered some cool blue TDK/EPCOS capacitors (est 1999) that I plan to use instead or alongside the currently used WIMA (est 1948) capacitors. So, if you open up your pedal and see blue boxes, those are the TDK caps.

Additionally, I have also come across more cool electrolytic capacitors from Wurth Elektronik (est 1971), which I am ordering today. If all goes well, these capacitors will be included in all our future builds.

In the meantime, I am preparing the next shipment of the SHSL, so please expect another update on the tracking numbers today.