09 Jul
Our Second Shipment to Little Box Is on the Way.

It includes all the preordered orange and red units, as well as one black unit. However, things have slowed down a bit due to my dad's complications after his back surgery, requiring me to dedicate time to taking care of him.

Despite these circumstances, I am working on weekends to ensure that we stay on schedule with our shipments. Nevertheless, I apologize in advance if there is a slight delay.

To ensure that I can manage everything effectively, I have decided to take a short break on Monday for some rest. Afterward, I will resume assembling and shipping out the SHSL. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Furthermore, I would like to inform you that shipments for The Evil Pumpkins will commence in approximately one week, while MAPE shipments are scheduled to start in about two weeks.

Almost forgot to mention: You may have noticed that the red unit is labeled as "Mk.3" instead of "Mk. III." It is merely a cosmetic change as we will now be using Arabic numerals instead of Roman numerals to label the model number going forward.
All units built after April 19 are Mark 3 units, which represents the latest iteration of the So High So Low preamp.