14 Oct

Who said that I have to exclusively make crazy stuff and have no right to work on classic circuits?

My 90s JHF2 Fuzz Face was modded before I acquired it, or to be more precise, it was “butchered.”

The other day, I upgraded it with NOS Telefunken AC122s, which significantly improved the sound. However, many solder joints were so poorly made by whoever previously attempted the mod that I had to resolder almost everything.

Thus, I decided to completely disassemble and rebuild it. This is a work in progress—it's my weekend project. Now, all the parts installed are NOS: Philips electrolytics, Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors, and Mullard tropical fish caps.

I've begun rewiring it with my beloved silicone wire, and once that's done, the most fun and nerdy part—selecting the transistors—will ensue.

For this, I have an array of cool Soviet germaniums of 1962, 1963, 1968, and 1969 vintage, as well as green label TFK AC122s and NOS Toshiba.

Working on this project is like a meditation for me. I approach it slowly and am enjoying every moment of it.