04 Aug

Many of you have received tracking numbers over the last couple of days, which means we have shipped a significant number of the SHSL preamps and started shipping the Evil Pumpkins. There are some delays, and I apologize for that. We are doing our best to have all the orders shipped as soon as possible. However, I constantly have to strike a balance between assembly, shipping, individual orders, dealers, reviewers, sourcing parts, packing, manuals, merch, developing new things, building and improving prototypes.

Huge work is going on behind the scenes, and the first of the truly significant results can already be seen now. We've set up a new payment system on our website, and now we accept cards. This is a huge victory for me. It took around 3 months of back and forth to have it registered. Although many services claim they work in Ukraine, their functionality is severely limited, and you have to go through a long verification procedure providing a ton of paperwork, dated selfies, and other stuff.

Sourcing parts is also quite a challenge. It takes a long time to be delivered here (around 1.5 months from the date of order) and requires a bit of effort with some vendors. However, it has been fine-tuned too. I don't want any compromises regarding the components that go inside our products; they have to be top-tier, and we are constantly raising the bar. You are witnessing it if you follow the updates.

You may have also seen all the teasers with vintage components. This is a huge part of the direction I am leading Analog Music Company towards. It is a whole new world, and I will share my experience someday. It is worth sharing for sure, but it needs some time to season before I can talk about it.

Again, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support, your orders, patience, and trust in Analog Music Co. We are building our pedals (or tabletop synthesizers in the case of the Evil Pumpkin) to the best of our ability, without any compromises, and I hope our journey and our products serve as a source of inspiration for you too!