02 Jan

I promised news, here we go. You asked, we listened. So High So Low High Pass / Low Pass filter & Preamp is back in the updated form and will be a standard offering from AMC.

What is it and why it is cool?:

  1. High Pass and Low Pass resonant filters (series) inspired by MS-20 (separate cutoff and resonance controls, each filter oscillates) 
  2. Preamp inspired by Moogerfooger pedals (provides beautiful saturation, but can push the amp quite hard as well)
  3. Separate CV and EXP controls for each filter (which is a lot of fun, trust me)
  4. Powers from 9v center neg (normally MS-20 circuits require higher voltage and a bulky psu, SHSL converts the voltages to +/-15Vinternally).
  5. You can use it on guitar, bass, keys, drums, vocals, literally everything, and even on a whole mix bus as a studio unit.
  6. The new SHSL will have a refreshed schematic, components selection and design.
  7. We have also reached a preliminary agreements with several UK and USA based dealers. It means that our pedals will be available to try & test in store (in case of brick and mortar stores) or for the domestic shipping (in case of online retailer).
  8. I am very happy with the dealers whom we in touch with - but you will learn yourselves soon. 
  9. SHSL will be available directly from us around end February-beginning March from the us directly as well as the dealers.
  10. And last but not least - the demos: as usual I will be posting demo clips here but some cool demo guys will eventually demo it as well.