14 Apr
  1. On the upcoming April 19th (which, coincidentally, happens to be my birthday), we will be unveiling our newest product. You may have already noticed that it is green and circuit-bent, which pays homage to our roots. While I had no intention of meddling with the classic design, the recent attack on the Evil Pumpkin sparked my interest in what AMC can create with the green pedal. While I may still harbor some degree of anger, my aim is to channel it into creating something that showcases how things should be done - and not through the trite and tedious "more high gain custom shop bla-bla" approach of the “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” company who attempted that attack.
  1. We have been busy lately streamlining our system and updating our designs. As a result, we will be able to ship a significant number of SHSL and Evil/Darth Pumpkins. The SHSL will be available for shipping around mid-June, and the Evil Pumpkins will be available by mid-to-late May. This means that there will be plenty of opportunities for those who are interested in purchasing these products.
  2. We have regained enough confidence to return to preorders. Today, I am shipping all outstanding orders (excluding FF Specials, as I am waiting for faceplates from the USA). Lead time and parts sourcing are now more predictable, which enables us to make better plans, and I am much more comfortable accepting preorders.
  1. With that said, the SHSL and Evil Pumpkin Ghazala will be available for preorder on April 19th. Only standard colors will be available for preorder, and the preorder option will run continuously. Units will be shipped as soon as they are built, according to a live queue.
  2. We will also be producing special runs of custom color or one-off prebuilt units.
  3. To avoid overselling glitches, while the store will be on our website, the checkout and payment process will be handled by Reverb.
  1. This is beneficial for several reasons, including their protection policies and acceptance of various payment methods. Additionally, our Reverb fees are lower because we are a Ukrainian seller.
  2. Prebuilt units will be available in waves with dealers. We will have more excellent vendors on board (including EU dealers this time), and I will provide further information about them. However, most sales will still be done directly by AMC to ensure that our customers always have the option to purchase from us.
  3. To sum up, starting on April 19th, you will be able to order the SHSL and Evil Pumpkin Ghazala. We are introducing new colors and retiring some of the old ones. We hope that you will like the changes.
  4. We have more demos in the works for both the SHSL and Pumpkin. We are working with talented artists, and I am excited to see the results.
  5. We have also updated our YouTube channel. Currently, we have just under 400 subscribers, and we would love for you to subscribe. We want to focus on YouTube more since content lives longer there, is easily searchable, and can benefit us in the long run.